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You can publish your video about the atmosphere in your own district or about an event you’ve organised on the Helsinki-kanava channel. Submit your video for publishing using the form below.

The video format can be MP4, FLV or MOV (H264), with a maximum duration of ten minutes and a maximum size of 800 MB. You can upload your video using the form below.

You must approve the below terms and conditions before you can submit a video for publishing. The City of Helsinki reserves the right to refrain from publishing the submitted video and to delete an already published video from the Helsinki-kanava channel.

Further information on the service:

Terms and Conditions

As part of the web service, users may submit their own videos about the city for publication. Through the web service, users can submit video material shot by themselves or together with others, provided that the user has got the permission of the other persons for this and, where appropriate, for the shooting itself. The below statements on consent, copyrights and other immaterial rights must be considered.

The user must indicate their name in connection with the submission of the video for publication, along with the optional nickname to be shown in connection with the video instead of the person’s real name, the person’s e-mail address and, optionally, their phone number. Simultaneously, the user declares their approval of these terms and conditions. The Helsinki-kanava channel does not use users’ contact details for purposes other than contacting the user regarding the video submitted for approval. Contact details will not be disclosed to third parties. However, the user’s name/nickname will be displayed in connection with the video.

The City of Helsinki is not responsible for the content of videos or other materials submitted by the user for publishing through the web service, or for possible copyrights or other immaterial rights related to them. The video’s submitter is responsible for the material they share. They must ensure that the video or other material does not infringe third parties’ copyrights or other rights and that the content of the video or other material is not otherwise contrary to these terms and conditions, the law or accepted principles of morality.

The video’s submitter is responsible for possessing all the required copyrights and similar rights to the submitted videos and other materials, and for not having previously transferred exclusive rights to a third party. The video’s submitter must also ensure that any persons appearing in the video have consented to the video’s publication and are aware of its publication and of the method of its publication. In the case of minors, the user must also have the consent of the guardian of the minor. The video’s submitter must also make sure that any persons appearing in the videos understand that, based on the granted license, the video can be freely modified and distributed further.

The City of Helsinki reserves the right, at its own discretion, to refrain from publishing submitted videos and to delete already published videos from the Helsinki-kanava channel.

If the user detects that the content of a video published on the Helsinki-kanava channel is contrary to these terms and conditions, the user should immediately notify the administrator of the web service using the Feedback form.

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