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Vote in RuutiBudjetti and OmaStadi
2 min
Katsottavissa 29.10.2021

How could the city be made better for young people? This autumn, you get to decide! In October, you can vote in both the young people’s budgeting model RuutiBudjetti (4.-28.10.2021) and OmaStadi (6.-28.10.2021), the participatory budgeting model for all Helsinki residents. By voting in RuutiBudjetti, you can have a say in what type of recreational activities will be offered for young people in your area.

The City of Helsinki has allocated 8.8 million euros to realising residents’ wishes through OmaStadi. All residents of Helsinki between the ages of 12 and 17 may vote in RuutiBudjetti, and all residents who have turned 12 or will turn 12 this year may vote in OmaStadi.