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Reboot Helsinki, Tampere and Finland with Big Data - Kick off seminar part 1

Kick off seminar, 26.1.2017

Reboot Helsinki, Tampere and Finland with Big Data

Cities of Helsinki and Tampere and the University of Tampere have launched the Urban Big Data Project. With this Project Helsinki and Tampere will develop their capability to create exploitable big data to be utilized as an innovation ecosystem and platform for agile digital enterprises in Helsinki and Tampere.

This conference asks forth understanding of big data and the potential of utilizing analytics to improve public services and decision-making. Big data leads to proclaim the emergence of data-intensive exploration that can also be seen as a challenge for learning and old-fashioned management concepts. Technical challenges of using big data are very real, but managerial challenges are even greater.

Agenda, Part 1

Urban big data as innovation platform in smart city context,
Deputy Mayor Pekka Sauri, City of Helsinki

Key note session 1, An Overview of the Urban Big Data Center,
Professor Vonu Thakuriah, Urban Big Data Center

Big Data – turning visions to actions,
Director Pekka Sivonen, The Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation

Key note session 2, The Future of Smart Learning Cities,
Professor Mike Osborne, University of Glasgow

Link to Video Part 2