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Future Female Meetup: Future of Smart Cities 9.11.2017

This event is all about the Future of Smart Cities and what kind of role data and IoT will play in the future. Please join us while we hear these talented speakers tell us about what the future brings.


Welcome by the City of Helsinki: Tanja Lahti (HRI Project Manager) & Future Female

Future of Smart Cities – Helsinki PoV: Anne Stenros, Helsingin kaupunki

Whim leading the way towards roaming transportation: Jonna Pöllänen, MaaS Global

Open IoT as an enabler of Smart City: Hanna Niemi-Hugaerts, Forum Virium Helsinki

Become an IoT developer with the Vekotinverstas Gadget Workshop (SmartCity Hack Lab): Aapo Rista, Forum Virium Helsinki (held in Finnish).