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Sändningen börjar 09.10.2019 kl. 09:15

Helsinki Impact Conference Wed 9 Oct 2019 9:30


Day 1: Wed 9 Oct 2019 Morning

European cities need to come together as a leading problem-solving network with active knowledge exchange and drive to create concrete solutions to globally critical challenges. The European community is built on the common values of peace, equality and joint liability. Our cities are the glue that makes sure these values stick and are progressively taken forward in our city strategies and plans and actioned so, that they have both global and local impact.

During the first day, renowned experts on integration, urban policy and urban planning present their views on the power of co-creating our cities, the meaning of high quality urban environments and the rapid digital transformation reshaping our cities. How are we turning innovation and inspiration into lasting, positive impact in our cities?


Opening words
Moderators Tuuli Kaskinen & Henrik Suikkanen, Demos Helsinki

Opening speech
Jan Vapaavuori, Mayor of Helsinki

Keynote 1: Achieving impact through collective effort
Dr. Joan Clos, Former Executive Director of the United Nations Human Settlements Programme UN-Habitat

Keynote 2: An open city in divisive times
Maria VassilakouDeputy Mayor, Vienna

Keynote 3: Co-creating the city: how to integrate long-term vision and local action
Marko Peterlin, Co-founder and a director at IPop

Panel discussion

Closing the morning session



Introduction to the afternoon session

Keynote 1: Learning curves for better city futures
Brent ToderianTODERIAN urbanWORKS

Keynote 2: Democratizing artificial intelligence and data 
Francesca BriaChief Technology and Digital Innovation Officer, Barcelona City Council

Keynote 3: Towards inclusive political participation in shaping European societies
Tunde AdefioyeCity-dramaturg at KVS, City Theatre of Brussels


Trio debate: an interactive discussion

Closing words

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