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European Medialab Praxis 30.8.2018, Media Lab presentations

Dissemination event of European Medialab Praxis 2016-2018. Experimentation, results and best practices of the project of 2 years presented and shared at Helsinki City hall.

The presentation of the models  European Medialab Praxis.  

1:00  General Sum Up of EMP (Colombe Pigerias) 

1:20  Platform presentation (Diane Din Epongue) 

1:40  Methods and principles (Emmanuel Verges) 

Media Lab presentations (Austria, Germany, Italy, France, Finland):

German prototype (Markus Klopsch) 

Italian prototype (Chiara Shangra) 

French prototype 

Austrian prototype (Markus Albrecht)

Finnish prototype (Jani Suonperä)