Digital Twin - experimental development project

Digital Twins is an experimental development project carried out by the Urban Environment Division (Kymp). The aim of the project has been to integrate the 3D city model into the core of our operations. The introductory video outlines the background and objectives of the project as well as the experimental development model. The project consists of Proof-of-Concept (PoC) pilot projects. Result videos are continuously updated on this website. We highly recommend watching each project's video!
Introduction to “Digital Twin” project
4 min

This video reveals the background and goals of the “Digital Twin” experimental development project. In this project, we wanted to demonstrate how 3D city model can be used in a practical and comprehensive way in our services and to foster cooperation and enthusiasm! In these proof-of-concept projects, we utilised our service’s own substance data, which is connected to the service's own operational processes, which also support decision-making.