Nordic CityMaking Week

Nordic CityMaking Week - New Agenda for Nordic Cities 18.9.2020
2 h 51 min

On Friday we come together to share the learnings of the week. This session takes place at the ‘KYMP House’, the new headquarters of the Urban Environment Sector of the City of Helsinki that functions as an office for city planners and an open meeting place for all citizens.

Nordic CityMaking Week 2020 partners Helsinki, Vantaa, KONE and NCC will discuss with international keynote speakers how to make our cities more inclusive, sustainable and liveable. At the end of the session we publish the co-created Manifesto for Nordic CityMaking.

Participating in the conversation are

  • Jenny Osuldsen / Snøhetta (NO)
  • Aija Staffans / Aalto Living+ Platform (FI)
  • Karla Lindahl / KONE (FI)
  • Teemu Rämö / NCC (FI)
  • Juha Vihma / Optiplan (FI)
  • Arja Lukin / City of Vantaa (FI)

The event is hosted by Hanna Harris / City of Helsinki (FI) and Katja Lindroos / Urban Practice (FI).