Accessibility on the website

The Act on the Provision of Digital Services applies to the website. According to the Act, public web services have to be accessible by the end of the transition periods. The first website was published on year 2009, which means that its transition period ends on 23 September 2020.

Status of accessibility of the digital service

Partially conforms to the critical A & AA criteria.

Helsinki's objective

In terms of the accessibility of digital services, Helsinki's objective is to reach at least the AA- level, or better, according to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

The video recordings published on the website will be provided with subtitles as of 23 September 2020.

Feedback on the website's accessibility

Did you find something that needs to be improved in terms of the accessibility of the web service? Let us know about it and we will do our best to correct the deficiency.

Give us feedback using this web form (