Economic Development Forum 2023 Igniting Innovation

The event has ended.

From the energy and cost of living crisis to climate change, cities are using local economic policy to equip themselves with the tools to tackle global challenges. The Eurocities Economic Development Forum 2023, hosted by Helsinki, will explore how cities across Europe are boosting entrepreneurship, skills, and innovation to create a socially just transition to a green future.

9.00–9.30 Official Welcome 
Juhana Vartiainen, Mayor of Helsinki 
Anni Sinnemäki, Chair of the Economic Development Forum and Deputy Mayor of Helsinki 
André Sobczak, Eurocities Secretary General 
Moderator: Denise Wall, former journalist, Founder of Wallcomms Oy 

9.30–10.30 Keynote interventions: cities working with businesses to solve global challenges 
Bram Pauwels, CSO, European Business Network 
Tanja Tanayama, Head of Advisory Hub, European Investment Bank
Moderator: Denise Wall, former journalist, Founder of Wallcomms Oy

10.30–11.00 Networking coffee

11.00–11.30 Fireside chat: cities and businesses tackling the climate emergency
Panel discussion with member cities on circularity and public-private partnerships to tackle the climate challenge.
Miimu Airaksinen, Senior Vice President for Development, SRV Group
Eveline Jonkhoff, Head of Sustainability and Circular Economy, Amsterdam
Moderator: Marja-Leena Rinkineva

11.30–12.00 Fireside chat: cities tackling the economic downturn through innovation
Panel discussion on how to boost innovation, foster sustainable ecosystems and help local economies navigate the economic crisis.
•         Layla Pavone, Coordinator of Board of Innovation, Milan
•         Rosa Huertas Gonzalez, Director for Economic Development, Valladolid
Moderator: Marja-Leena Rinkineva, Director of Economic Development, City of Helsinki


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