Kultur och fritid

Kultur och fritid
LGBTQIA Friendly Helsinki Panel Discussion
1 h 28 min

LGBTQIA Friendly Helsinki Panel Discussion

We Speak Gay Community has invited people from the city of Helsinki, from businesses in Helsinki and from the LQBTQIA community to discuss what LGBTQIA friendliness means and how Helsinki is seen and felt as being LGBTQIA friendly. We will hopefully come up with new ideas on how we could make Helsinki even more open, friendly and welcoming city and safe space for all of us.

The LGBTQIA friendly Helsinki discussion is part of the official Helsinki Pride program.

Attendees in the panel
Raul Medina
Riikka Lahdensuo, City of Helsinki Brand Building and Marketing
Jukka Räisänen, Hotel Helka
Erica Terranova, Moomin Characters
Robin Åmdal, Swappie
Hannu Medina, moderator We Speak Gay

The event will start with a short presentation by the moderator Hannu Medina from We Speak Gay Community. The discussion will be in English.